A Company of Confidence®

Our Story

Confidence® was founded on the promise that there are better ways of doing things right.

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the concept. The global pandemic forced all of us to adapt to a new reality and adopt new routines. 

With our Founders, Leo Rocco, saw the phenomenon as what he likes to call “The Big Reset.” And it got him thinking: If we were rethinking everything, why not rethink the way we get work done?

What followed was a deep-dive into new ways of thinking about transparency, accountability, and trust — a framework built around Artificial Intelligence and up-to-the-second status.

Confidence aims to give confidence that businesses of all kinds are doing things right.

About Us

Confidence SystemsTM delivers a comprehensive AI-powered “Do-Things-Right” platform for next-generation task completion and compliance verification. The platform ensures transparency and accountability within an organization to its customers; it also facilitates compliance with protocols and regulatory requirements across the board. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to instill confidence in the world.   Our goal is to help enterprises maximize productivity, deliver high-quality, and drive consistency in business operations.

Our Values


There is no Confidence® without trust; everything we do is grounded in it. We strive to facilitate transparency and trust between our customers and the people who patronize them. We aim to help prove to consumers that businesses are doing what they say they’re doing, every day.

Customer Success

We succeed when our customers succeed, which is why we empower them to build strong relationships to grow their respective businesses. We measure our customers’ success in the confidence of their customers.


 At a time when public health officials are encouraging us to remain physically distant, a sense of community is more important than ever before. Building and supporting local communities to create confidence creates peace of mind for everyone, and a culture of accountability.


We are always striving for new ways to deliver peace of mind. Innovation is embodied not only in product development, but within every business unit at Confidence SystemsTM. Put simply, it’s what drives our ability to win.