Bring Confidence to Processes

Consult a process specialist to begin your automation journey through documentation and measurement

Documentation As-a-Service

Confidence Systems is excited to introduce its Documentation-as-a-Service, a revolutionary way for your business to save time, while ensuring critical procedures are preserved and followed. As part of this new service, a Confidence Consultant will audit your processes and create customized task templates within the Confidence app.

Why quality documentation matters

Properly documenting processes and establishing standard operating procedures are critical to your business’s success. If corners are cut, bad habits are formed by the employees that learn from that documentation. Mistakes are then compounded and money is wasted. Documentation-as-a-Service provides your business with the option of having a Confidence Consultant thoroughly handle your documentation needs, from start to finish.

Recording processes make it easier to analyze overall effectiveness, identify bottlenecks, and discover better ways of working.

Consistency reduces errors and removes ambiguity within organizations.  Consistent daily execution gives you a competitive advantage.

The first step to scale an enterprise in the automation journey is documentation.  From there, measure the process and find opportunities for optimization. 

How Documentation-as-a-Service works

Schedule a Consultation

The first step is to determine which processes require documentation and review the challenges currently faced by your business.

Knowledge Transfer

Once target processes are defined, a Confidence Consultant will meet with the appropriate process owners and initiate a knowledge transfer.


Execute Consistently on Processes

Your processes are then digitized in Confidence as templates for your review and approval. As part of the deliverable, your Confidence Consultant will provide best practices for rapid adoption with your employees.

Putting Confidence in your Operations



Getting a new hire from zero to productivity doesn’t have to be a challenge.  Providing them a step by step process to for their benefits and role to get them started is easy as 1, 2, 3.



In order to set your employee up for success start by providing them a guideline of your expectations and what training is most important to start and to have ongoing.



Operational procedures are the backbone of a successful business. If they are not documented and executed on consistently, your ability to growth can stagnant. Win with consistent operations.


Measure and stay up to date on your compliance requirements to ensure you comply with regulations.  Be prepared for audits at any moment.